Elevate PCR Performance with Advanced Plasticware

Have you optimized your plasticware recently? New, leading-edge plastics and designs can improve performance and efficiency of PCR and qPCR reactions.

You can expect:

  • Increased Sensitivity compared to traditional plasticware, allowing for a reduction in reagent costs (See Figure 1)
  • High Performance & Yield that meets or exceeds that of traditional plasticware.
  • Novel Design to improve ergonomics
  • Range of Products including individual tubes, strip tubes, strip caps & plates
AlphaGem Bio Strips and Caps
Amplification Plot Comparing AGB and Traditional Plasticware

Figure 1. Performance comparison in which identical qPCR reactions1 were performed with traditional plasticware2 (tubes, strips and caps), AlphaGem Bio (AGB) plasticware, and combining traditional PCR strips with optically clear AGB caps. In the side by side study, reactions performed in AGB plasticware or using traditional strips2 with AGB caps demonstrated a Δ 2 Ct performance improvement.

Strip Tubes

  • Strips pre-labeled to reduce error
  • Co-molded, ergonomic cap with TPE seal
  • Available in standard 0.2mL and low profile 0.1mL volumes

Individual Tubes

  • Attached, optically clear caps
  • Available in 0.1, 0.2 & 0.5mL volumes
  • Low profile, 0.1mL tubes great for use with MyGo Mini thermal cycler

Strip Caps

  • Amenable for use with strip tubes or plates, providing increased sensitivity (see Figure 1)
  • TPE seal prevents leaking and minimizes evaporation
  • Ergonomic design requires 10x less force than traditional plasticware


  • Made with COC plastic for improved dimensional stability after cycling
  • Available in half or full skirt versions for automation
  • Fits all standard thermal cyclers and rigid enough for pick and place robotic arms

1Eight replicates from Human gDNA was analyzed by qPCR for 18S with 10ng input gDNA input. The qPCR reaction was placed in its designated tube. The qPCR reactions were performed using the ABI 2x Taqman master mix and 1x primer/probe mix. Cycling conditions: 50°C 2m > 95°C 10m > (95°C 15s > 60°C 1m) 40 cycles.

2The following tubes, strips and caps were evaluated:

Manufacturer Tube or Strip Item # Cap Item #
Axygen PCR-0208-C PCR-2CP-RT-C
Bio-Rad TBS0201 TCS0803
LifeTech N8010612 N/A
LifeTech N8010580 N/A