Affordable & Flexible 2D Storage Solutions

Enhancing Sample & Data Integrity

In addition to improving the efficiency of sample storage processes, 2D storage solutions can enable better sample and data integrity.

Make 2D Storage Work For You:

  • Reliable Sample Traceability with barcoded tubes
  • Ensure sample integrity with auto labeling, capping & picking
  • Optimize sample storage processes for high and low throughput workflows

Work with us to combine the best 2D products from multiple manufacturers to create the ideal workflow for your laboratory and budget.

  • Available in sizes ranging from 300µL to 2mL
  • Robust design for storage at low temps, including LN2
  • Sealing options include screw caps, septa mats or heat sealing
  • Custom coding options available

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  • Scan tubes and racks in seconds and easily export the data
  • Range of throughput options including single tube and multi-rack scanners
  • Cryoprotection options to prevent scan window fogging
  • Read 1D barcodes for further flexibility
  • Automation and integration capable to streamline
  • Multiple options to ensure compatibility with your tubes and caps
  • High and low throughput options to fit your budget


  • Enable automation of your 2D workflow
  • Multiple options to efficiently and accurately pick and label
  • Engineered to meet demands of routine and highly advanced scientific laboratory applications